About the Work

My purpose in making photographs is to give voice to the unfolding beauty of every moment.

The textures of the world never cease to give me pause; at the same time, I find that my gratitude and enjoyment of this experience increases as I reflect on it. It is my hope that these images may provoke the same response for you.

I am compelled by the photographic frame because it binds not only time and space, but attention, thought and action: the still image highlights what we are too busy to notice. In doing so, a photograph tells a story in the most succinct and specific way possible.

Why is this so exciting? Because photographic content must continue to engage the viewer forever, divorced of all other exposition. The image is a source of constant reinvigoration, but it must always remind us that our knowledge of that story is forever limited to a single frame. It is the job of the photographer to compress an entire universe into a single instant. Since 2001 I have strived to find as many of those universes as I can.

This is why, while I appreciate the value of great imagery achieved through planning, vision, and pounds and pounds of equipment, I am often more interested in exploring the chance alignments and more startling coincidences of time, texture and place. Not all great stories reveal themselves in a studio; much of what is worth seeing simply will not wait.

To these ends, I insist on traveling light– both physically and philosophically. I work in the DX (35mm) format because it does little to interfere with the all-important process of direct experience.

I find that, despite our bustling energy, we humans remain mostly unaware of the grace and magnificence of the large-scale universe (which will persist after we do not) and the small-scale one (which we can know only in bits and pieces, if at all).

Thus, my work encompasses both landscapes and microtexture: I find the same beauty, the same stories, waiting to be found in both.

It is my hope that this work can serve as a reminder of that world hidden between the moments of our day-to-day life—-a world of subtlety, power, and purpose ringing from every atom. Whatever your pursuit in life, I implore you to remember that beauty is everywhere, waiting to be seen and felt.

If you appreciate my work in any way at all, I would be honored to hear from you. Feel free to contact me at dm@shutterstorm.net.

– DM Cook

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